CMA - Spain Designates September 17th as International Country Music Day

The International Country Music Day spreads country all over the world

September 17, 2006 From Argentina to Greece, from United States to Spain and Uruguay, the celebration of The International Country Music Day is marked with importance on the calendar of events in these places that are passionate country music.

Artists, media, associations and fans thrown their support behind the annual celebration announced from the Country Music Association of Spain, which began in 2003, in collaboration with the Argentinean site

Kris Kristofferson, Wanda Jackson, Gail Davies, Billy Yates, Rick Treviño, Heather Myles, Australian Adam Harvey, Jett Williams, Jamie Richards, Jason Allen, Danni Leigh are some of the artists that have supported this celebration, which coincides with the anniversary of the birth of Hank Williams Sr.

This year we welcome three associations of different countries and continents that had wanted to take part in this event: The Country Music Association of Uruguay –AMCU-, The French Association of Country Music –FACM- and The Country Music Association of Greece – CMAG-.

For the first time, the visitors of the site of The Country Music Association of Uruguay, –the first association that joined us this year-, have had the opportunity to choose the country song that will represent The International Country Music Day. This year’s selection was Alan Jackson’s “Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)”.

In Raúl Tejeiro's words, president of AMCU: "We are proud that the International Country Music Day has been an initiative of Spanish-speaking country and that other ones have joined the idea. This clearly shows the universality of l this music that passionates us and that has crossed, no doubt about it, frontiers and language barriers."[1].pdf

Florent Dufour, president of The French Association of Country Music considers this selection most appropiate: “Alan Jackson’s ´Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning´ is the perfect song for this day, because Alan is one of the greatest singers, a livin' legend, and because this song is about a touching event too.”

September 17 is the best time to listen and relive what it means to love country music in any place of the planet. Moreover, Dufour said: “The International Country Music Day is a great opportunity to unite countries all over the world. Certainly country music is the best way for that. It is a great opportunity to promote and help people to discover country music. Thanks to all of you for helping country music’s reach expand. United we stand”.

Areti Traka, president of The Country Music Association of Greece expressed her opinion about this day: "Country music is an inspiration. Events like the International Country Music Day join us together in an effort to spread this inspiration all over the world. As of this year, we are happy to be part of this and many others efforts. On the 17th of September, our hearts will beat to the rhythm of country music!"

The International Country Music Day logo, designed unselfishly in 2003, by the spanish designer Joaquín Ortiz, have from this month on, besides the original versions in English and Spanish, have new versions in different languages: French, Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque and soon in Greek. For logo versions for your site or for further information about this day and how to join to this celebration, please contact us via email to

We want to express our gratitude to the advertising and promotion agency PHOENIX PUBLICITY, which has assisted in the promotion of The International Country Music Day, a non-profit celebration.

Best regards,

Juan Daniel Rodríguez